All In A Day's Work

Great Singapore Sale 2015 June 25 2015

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Father's Day June 15 2015

Quietly supportive and observing tenderly,
Dad is on constant watch.
In each month through Mum's pregnancy,
His excitement moves up a notch.

An episode of a baby kick,
Translates from Mum's words spoken.
Is something that Dad has to be really quick,
Or else he will miss that moment.

Until the day of delivery,
Dad has yet to rationalise.
Compared to Mum he is upon a new discovery,
The decision to be a father he needs to realise.

It is not a job but pure dedication,
To be the anchor in his family's foundation.
Never one to express - Dad keeps it all inside,
He lets his actions do the talking and continually provides.

A son's first hero, a daughter's first love,
Always there to listen and comfort.
Happy Father's Day Dad,
The tribute to you as above.

To all Dads and Dads-to-be, a Happy Father's Day!

Lots of love,

Christmas x The Build Up (in the Past) November 22 2014

Christmas, that time of the year.

As a young and impressionable little one, I remembered slogging through a full 10 months, only to realise that December is just around the calendar corner.
Suddenly it was right there, within grasp and ripe for the picking.
Everything seemed brighter, happier and more colourful. The sky was blue-er and the grass green-er.

A week flew past. Then another. And another. And soon, eleven was on the brink of giving way to twelve.
The excitement could hardly be contained any longer.

I hope mum's making the delicious pie like the one last year!
Do we get to decorate the tree again? I want to be the one to put on the star!
I have been good this year! Santa will give me presents, lots of presents!

Oh, the anxiety. :)


Until the secret was finally revealed... Santa doesn't exist!

Public Garden x WTA Finals Singapore October 22 2014

Of the 43 cities that expressed interest, Singapore beat the likes of Tianjin (China), Kazan (Russia) and Mexico City (Mexico) in the final shortlist to the right of being host city of the WTA Finals from 2014 to 2018. Ace!

We'll be looking to serve and volley down the line on matchpoint at the marketplace too. See you on court!

Lots of love,

The Blogshop Clearance Sale Bazaar 4 x National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign October 02 2014

Life is a journey, with its path determined by choices we make on a day-to-day basis.
There are many inspirations to these choices -- personal, family, career, health etc.

This October, the Health Promotion Board launches its NHLC anchor event at the Suntec Convention Centre.

At johnnylucy, we encourage and believe in making the right choice too.
Will you? :)

Event: The Blogshop Clearance Sale Bazaar 4
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Level 3 Concourse
Dates: 4 to 5 Oct 2014, Sat & Sun
Time: 11am to 9pm

Lots of love,

Hidden Finds Market x Singapore Grand Prix September 16 2014

Set in the heart of Somerset and rooted in the setting of the Singapore Grand Prix season, we are proud to be part of Public Garden's Hidden Finds Market this weekend!

Our second foray into the local scene of bazaars and markets gets us revving for the event that highlights Singapore on the international map once again!

With Mercedes currently sitting comfortably with a top 2 ranking, can Red Bull Racing, Ferrari or McClaren snatch victory to upset the leaders?
The race is on!

And so is the marketplace! ;)

Lots of love,